The unique incredible Perpetual Calendar Patek Philippe Ref. 3448

For connoisseurs, Patek Philippe Ref.3448 needs no introduction. Ref. 3448 came out in 1962 and is the world’s first self-winding perpetual calendar model produced in series. As soon as it was launched, it caused a huge sensation. Even today, Ref. 3448 is still one of the most beautiful perpetual calendar models. Few other models can match its pure style. A significant feature of Ref. 3448 is the moon phase at 6 o’clock, surrounded by the date and indicated by hands. However, not all Ref.3448 have this feature, such as the “Senza Luna” (no moon phase display) model.

For decades, Ref. 3448 “no moon phase display” perpetual calendar watch has always been covered with a layer of mystery. Some people believe that these watches were modified by third parties after they left the Patek Philippe watch factory. But the fact is on the contrary, these watches were originally customized products. A total of seven Ref. 3448 “no moon phase display” perpetual calendar watches are known to exist, four of which are gold models and three are platinum models. The one mentioned in this article is one of the three platinum models and the only one with a leather strap instead of a platinum bracelet. The combination of precious white gold and neat dial gives the watch a unique appearance, clean and low-key. In the case that the regular Ref.3448 watch is somewhat outdated, the “no moon phase display” style appears more modern.

The picture shows this Ref. 3448 “no moon phase display” perpetual calendar watch produced in 1981 and sold by Christie for US$978,480 in 2017. In today’s market, Ref. 3448 “no moon phase display” perpetual calendar watch may be sold at a higher price. Because Ref. 3448 is one of the most coveted antique models, and the “no moon phase display” model is more rare and rare, which makes it difficult for collectors to resist. More importantly, no one knows when the Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 “No Moon Phase Display” Perpetual Calendar will appear on the auction market again. It will be a unique opportunity to start. (Photo/text compiled by Xu Chaoyang, home of watches).

24 million! Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 “No Moon Phase Display” Perpetual Calendar Watch Sets Auction Record

On May 22, 2021, Christie’s Hong Kong will hold the “Amazing Legend” auction. The auction included 18 timepieces, all of which were sold, with a total transaction price of HK$144,435,000. The star lot of this auction is a unique Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 “no moon phase display” perpetual calendar watch ( lot 2513). After fierce bidding, the final wrist watch HK $ 29,050,000 (equivalent to about $ 24 million) turnover drop hammer, refresh Ref.3448 watch auction record.

This watch was produced in 1970.

It was specially transformed into a unique treasure in 1975 at the request of Henry Stern and Philip Stern to present Alan Banbery, so his initials “AB” are engraved on the case back. “. Alan Banbery joined Patek Philippe in 1965 as the sales director of the English-speaking region and has worked for the brand for nearly 50 years.

The production period of the Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 perpetual calendar watch was from the 1960s to the 1970s, and only 586 pieces were produced.

The standard model is equipped with a unique moon phase display. It is reported that, including this lot, there are 7 Ref. 3448 perpetual calendar watches without moon phase display. These watches are called “Senza Luna” (Italian “no moon phase display”). 

But in fact, all Ref.3448 “Senza Luna” watches initially had moon phase function, but they were later modified according to commission.

Although there have been many Ref.3448 “no moon phase display” watches in history, this auction is the only watch that has been specially commissioned and has a detailed source record and leap year display. 

The Alan Banbery watch undergoes a unique mechanical conversion process to display leap years. According to records, this process was personally performed by Patek Philippe’s senior watchmaker Max Berney; he removed the moon phase disc and modified the movement to display leap years with tiny hands. The dial is modified by Stern Frères in accordance with the special requirements of Patek Philippe, plus a leap year display auxiliary dial.

In 2008, this prestigious legendary watch was sold at Sotheby’s and was sold by a famous Asian collector for 1.84 million Swiss francs. 

This time, he appeared on the auction market again, with an estimated price of HK$24.8-40 million before the auction, and the final transaction price also exceeded the minimum estimate, reaching HK$29,050,000. (Picture/Text, Home of Watches, Xu Chaoyang)

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