TOP 最重要的复古热带表盘及其含义

Brown, yellow, green are some of the thousand facets of tropical dials found on watches with at least 40 years behind them. From Rolex’s 5513 submariner to Omega’s 超霸 321, this phenomenon over time has affected chronographs, divers and only time of all kinds and brands. Tropical is a dial that has undergone a change due to time and atmospheric conditions, first of all exposure to sunlight.

It is thought that in the 1950s manufacturers used a protective coating applied to the dials, and thanks to that coating, with a number of certain factors, over time it has come to the brown patina.

In addition to being very pleasing to the eye, watches with a tropical dial are considered as a surplus value. In better known brands such as Patek, Rolex and Omega are the most sought after. In the vintage market, examples such as Rolex Daytona ref. 6263, Explorer ref. 1016 or the inimitable Patek Nautilus ref. 3700, for which, with a tropical dial, collectors from all over the world are willing to pay record figures. Each tropical quadrant is different from another and perhaps the particularity for which they are so desired is precisely this: the imperfection that is present in each of them, which makes them a work of art desired by time.

Let’s see some of them!

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Ref. 5402 ST

Patek Philippe Nautilus

  • Ref. 3700/11

Rolex Daytona (Paul Newman dial)

Ref. 6263

Panerai Radiomir

Ref. 6154